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During many years, before beginning LOLIMSA, we wonder whether we would have to develop general or specialized software. At a time both had advantages and drawbacks. General software, when serving many companies, presented a greater market and there existed greater possibilities of economic growth. Specialized software contributed and still contributes to the development of the companies that use it, but also had a restricted market to the type of company.

Finally we understood at that time, in life "the best neurologist", " the best grammatologist" and are "the best gynecologist" does not exist simultaneously. We understood in order to become "the best one", you must be specialized and therefore we decided to exclusively work for the health area more than 12 years.

Some years later, we also understood that in order to be " the best” our product should not be used in a country, but at least in ten of them. The only way to obtain the best practices in the management of hospitals and chains of pharmacies is knowing and applying our models in many countries. For this, we decided to expand in Latin America. Today there is an office in most of the countries in Latin America.

But as "to be the best is endless", years after, we understood that the quality is not an expression to possess products and services with quality, these must have international norms of quality; for this reason we obtained certification ISO 9001:2000 certification for our processes of development of software and for the service of software implementation; in this understanding we are working to obtain to a CMM level 4 certification- which is more demanding in what it refers to quality of software in addition to a certification in social responsibility.

Nowadays, science and technology progress exponentially, that is why in LOLIMSA we are entering to the "sub-specialization" constituting a network of centers of development of software in Latin America, having begun with Peru, Mexico and Colombia, where special modules are being used as Imagenology work, Interconnection with Medical equipment, Wireless Communications for Health, among others.

This, it is not our objective to fulfill with their expectative as clients, but we want to overcome them widely.

Rolando Liendo Ch.
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