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LOLCLI 9000 is a model of welfare management for hospitals based on the best practices of HEALTH MANAGEMENT and its application to tens of hospitals in Latin America.

It is designed having a central axis the clinical history, therefore it reduces the uncertainness and it increases the quality of the hospital decisions.

It incorporates the demanding of the international norm of quality ISO 9001:2000, allowing that all the hospital processes be highly productive and efficient.

LOLCLI 9000 is being supported by software of last generation that controls in a very detailed way, all the activities of the patients since the moment they enter the hospital until they leave it.
Because the hospitals are no longer investing in software, but they mediate in the best practices of the hospital business; they mediate in processes; they mediate in automatization .

Because the hospitals require direct and immediate impact: reduction of the hospital costs, increase of the profits in the hospital asistance, increase of the quality of the attention of the patients, increase of the idealization of patients, among others.

Because the model is ready and proven in tens of hospitals in Latin America, therefore the implementation takes place only in weeks.

Because the great impacts in the industries occur when the managers know and administer perfectly the "heart of the business".
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